Parental Anxiety: Running with Pointy Objects

by Julie at ProgressiveKid

plastic swordLike other parents of young kids, I find myself talking about parenting a lot. Dropping off and picking up my four-year-old daughter from preschool, attending birthday parties, watching ballet classes, hanging out with siblings and friends, I’ve heard the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. We all have our trials, our laughs, our fears and hopes. The wisest among us work hard to help our children develop into mindful, empathetic beings capable of thinking beyond their own narcissistic urgencies. We want our kids to be self-confident and humble, strong and kind, independent and interconnected, fierce and loving.

We parents these days are an anxious bunch. Perhaps it’s that there are 7 billion of us now on this fragile sphere. Maybe it’s that we are spending less time with our kids because we work more. It could be an overresponse to the fairly self-involved parenting many of us received. It may be an effort to combat the continuous barrage of unwholesome messages delivered by the Capitalist media. Or perhaps it’s that we have lost confidence as we’ve drifted apart from the basics of life—growing and cooking our own food, interacting with the natural world, spending time with immediate and extended family, building a fire, tending animals, taking a walk, writing a letter. Continue reading

Less Green Is More Green

by Sarah at ProgressiveKid

Ribbon clumpThe term green has come to mean much more than simply “made in an environmentally friendly way.” Green means a forest wasn’t felled, a river wasn’t polluted, a child wasn’t forced to work. It means that country A didn’t destroy its own resources and economy to make something for country B.*

To put it in more positive terms, green is used to describe that which is life-sustaining. The term has come to signify a system of values that is still evolving and that is wide-ranging and broadly defined. And, in fact, by its very nature perhaps, the definition of green must, like its inspiration, be ever-evolving. There is, after all, nothing static about life on earth. Continue reading