In a Box

Big Box Butt (rear-end of Target)by Sarah at ProgressiveKid

I was standing in line at a big box store to return eco-friendly bulbs that did not fit in my light fixtures when I noticed an odd odor that wasn’t necessarily unpleasant. It was more like unsettling. I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded on both sides of the aisles by shelves and shelves full of insect-killing products. There were bee killers and wasp killers and pest killers and ant killers and termite killers and fly killers and mosquito killers. And from the boxes and tubs and tubes and spray cans was emerging that eerie smell that I was now able to identify succinctly as Toxic. Continue reading

Squelch the Urge to Squash

Flyby Sarah at ProgressiveKid

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals are treated.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

Most bugs in our homes are not harmful. Why kill them? Here are some good reasons not to:

  1. If you want an empathetic kid, model empathy. Empathy is not selective. It is being able to see the life connection in all living things, not just the ones you think are cute. Continue reading

Climate Change Change Begins at Home (and School)

kid hand with globeby Sarah at ProgressiveKid

A woman I know lives with her family in a house that backs up against a forest. The forest is being clear cut, a not so infrequent occurrence in this part of the country. One day, while the woman was on a business call in the house, her nine-year-old son rounded up his two younger brothers, and the three of them marched out onto the logging road and stood in front of an oncoming logging truck. Continue reading