All Lost in the Supermarket

Parenting in the Time of Climate Change

by Julie at ProgressiveKid

Picture by Jonathan McIntosh, 2004

After decades of capitalist indoctrination by the pervasive persuasions of our modern media, we Americans have almost come to believe that we are what they say we are—consumers. We slog through the workweek and then seek community at the mall or superstore, where, instead of communing with others or with nature, we are confronted with only one option: to spend. So we spend the weekend spending, hoping to appease that hollow feeling with more stuff. Buying, our modern substitute for the gathering our ancestors did, provides a rush that resembles satisfaction. Yet that near-good feeling often drains away later, at home, away from the marketplace and unfulfilled promise of community—the connection to others that we were actually, if unconsciously, looking for.

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