Declaration of Independence

American flagby Sarah at ProgressiveKid

Two hundred and thirty-two years ago today, our forefathers, supported and counseled by our wise and steadfast foremothers, declared in a moving and revolutionary document their independence from the tyranny of a colonial rule without representation and began the effort to design a radically new type of government founded on the principle that all men, and regretfully only men and not quite all of them, are created equal and that government should be of, by, and for the people. Since that time, our most wise and courageous ancestors, including among numerous others Chief Sealth, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King Jr., C├ęsar Chavez, and Rachel Carson, have with equal elegance asserted additional essential truths about the value of people of all colors and races and both genders, about our brother and sister animals, and about the forests and mountains and rivers of our nation. But today, we, the descendants of these people of vision and principle, have lost our way and stoop on the edge of moral decay, spiritual ignorance, and self-destruction. Continue reading


Golden Statue

Oscarby Sarah at ProgressiveKid

My daughter, a budding thespian, occasionally enjoys putting on Oscar-caliber performances designed to persuade her audience (me) to conform to her point of view. When she does this, I make a point of awarding her with an imaginary Academy Award designed to match her level of imaginary drama with an appropriate level of imaginary glitter. When this year’s Academy Award show came up, I decided to take the opportunity to show her a few minutes of the spectacle so she could see what I’m talking about when I say, “And the Oscar goes to . . .” . Continue reading