Moving into Green

This is the first post in a series by guest writer Gelen Fourtri. Gel will tell you her own story, but part of her story is just that–a story–which, as you will see, is partly the point. For me, her story begins in the ’80s when Gel was lead singer for Spiderfox. You may or may not remember the band: four great albums and then poof, nothing. Gel explains why and tells what happened next.

We feel so fortunate to get to hear her again, albeit in a different way and with a slightly different message, here on a ledge. Enjoy the ongoing story.–Sarah

People dancingby Gelen Fourtri

I don’t suffer from ’80s nostalgia. I had a good time then and I have one now. But when I take a moment to think about it, I can see how an entire world can change in just a short time. Back then I was singing in a band. We did great, jumpy, lively, deep stuff. We had fun and we told the truth. I had no clue at the time that twenty years later I’d be writing articles on a computer and talking to people in folding chairs about what I’m talking about now. Continue reading

Less Green Is More Green

by Sarah at ProgressiveKid

Ribbon clumpThe term green has come to mean much more than simply “made in an environmentally friendly way.” Green means a forest wasn’t felled, a river wasn’t polluted, a child wasn’t forced to work. It means that country A didn’t destroy its own resources and economy to make something for country B.*

To put it in more positive terms, green is used to describe that which is life-sustaining. The term has come to signify a system of values that is still evolving and that is wide-ranging and broadly defined. And, in fact, by its very nature perhaps, the definition of green must, like its inspiration, be ever-evolving. There is, after all, nothing static about life on earth. Continue reading